May 4, 2017 – PSFA Meeting Minutes

May 4, 2017 – PSFA Meeting Minutes 7:30pm

  1. Call to Order/Pledge of Allegiance and Welcome:  Meeting called to order at 7:35pm.  PSFA Members in attendance:   Janice Quattrocchi(2017) Jody Sackett(2018) Anthony Quattrocchi(2017) Therese Heidelberger(2019) & Sharon Jemas(2019) with 30 attendees.
  2. Co-President’s Report:  Janice Quattrocchi(2017) and Jody Sackett(2018).  Janice said Teacher Appreciation week is going on now, May 1st-5th. The Teachers’ are very appreciative!  Jody said “Freshman Orientation went very well and we’re looking forward to the new class”.  Jody also mentioned Parent Mentoring volunteers are needed.
  3. CHS Student Government Association Report:  Mark DiSpigna(2017). Updates on CHS activities including The Drama Club performing “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee” on May 5th.  Students were elated with Spirit Week, which included new games, Elephant Bowling & Build A Beast! Students voted as the SGA elections and new Officers were elected.   Color Wars on June 2nd, planning to clarify some of the existing rules.
  4. New Business : * Skills USA ( Mrs Deborah Maher) applied for a $2,500 PSFA Grant  for the National Skills USA Competition  June 19th-24th held in KY.  Membership voted to approve $2,000. And asked Skills USA to revisit the cost basis at the next PSFA Meeting June 1st as other Grant Skills USA applied and were still pending.  The PSFA will vote again to approve an additional $500. if needed.
    Approval of April 6, 2017 Minutes:  Co-President Jody Sackett(2018) asked for Motion to Approve; Hope Raymond(2018) Motioned and Laura Andersen(2019)) Motioned to second.  Membership voted in favor to approve.
  5. Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Therese Heidelberger(2019),outlined the budget.  DGR had a few additional submissions.  A few questions were answered.  A motion was made to approve this Treasurers Report by Aphrodite Noone(2018) & a second motion to approve was made by Janet Pepsin(2018).  Budget approved.
  6. Corresponding Secretary’s Report:  Anthony Quattrocchi(2017) read an e-mail note from the CHS Teachers, thanking the PSFA for all of the wonderful gifts received for Teacher Appreciation week.
  7. Committee Reports:  Fundraising: VP Sharon Jemas(2019).  Bluegrass Mini Golf at Monmouth Park Racetrack, outing May 12th at 7pm. Join the fun! CHS Swag Sale:  Jody reported Swag sales at Freshman orientation were $500. Color Wars: David Wren(2018). Sent out mass e-mails with a list of needed supplies. Also, volunteers are needed for this Event.
    1. a. Enichment/Education: Driver’s Ed – Ann Sasso(2020) will start preparing until there is a new Chair for Drivers Ed class of 2020. Thank you Ann! Dania Bruneau(2017)Catalyst Prep SAT prep boot Camp needs someone to take over this position for next year.
    2. b. Hospitality:  Lang Holtz(2017), Sorca Gill(2019) & Dania Bruneau(2017). Chair & Co-chairs requested for these positions.
    3. c. Public Relations:  Hope Raymond(2018). Facebook updates continued.
    4. d. Alumni: Vivian Cheng(2019). Request for Alumni Articles & looking for a new Co-chair for next year.
    5. e. Membership/Directory:  Janet Pepsin(2018) & Lori Littenburg(2020).  Incoming Freshman     memberships are still coming in.
  8. Principal Gleason:  Reported on upcoming Calendar events, including Spirit Week, Freshman Orientation on April 19th welcoming 80 new students,  Drama Club, SGA Elections and May is testing month. Thanked the PSFA for sponsoring Staff appreciation week, it makes a big difference!
  9. New Business (continued):  * Jody Sackett(2018) suggested a gift donation  from the PSFA to the students of CHS.  Members voted unanimously in favor to approve.
  10. Unfinished Business:  No report.
  11. Adjourn Formal Meeting.  Co-President Jody Sackett(2018) asked for Motion to adjourn.  Kate Megerle(2019) Motioned to adjourn & Ann Sasso (2019) Motioned to second the adjournment.  Meeting adjourned at 8:44pm.
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