Archive Minutes – February 2, 2017

February 2, 2017 – PSFA Meeting Minutes


  1. Call to Order/Pledge of Allegiance, and Welcome. Meeting called to order at 7:40. PSFA Officers in attendance: Janice Quattrocchi, Jody Sackett, Sharon Jemas, Anthony Quattrocchi.   29 members and 4 students in attendance.
  2. Co-President Report. Janice Quattrocchi (2017) and Jody Sackett (2018): Jody summarized “Parent Chat” information-sharing session on helping make wise decisions for college planning, which immediately preceded the general meeting.  Next month’s “Parent Chat” will share info to help with selecting Junior and Senior electives at CHS.  Jody also gave an update on inaugural Book Club meeting; next month’s meeting will be hosted by Dania Bruneau on Feb 27th – book selection is “News of the World”.
  3. Approval of January 5, 2017 Minutes: Corresponding Secretary Anthony Quattrocchi. Motion to approve, Lang Holtz. Jane Sennett seconded. Membership voted in favor to approve.
  4. Treasurer’s Report: Therese Heidelberger absent from meeting. Report will be presented at March meeting.
  5. Corresponding Secretary’s Report: Anthony Quattrocchi. Communique newsletter to be distributed tonight or tomorrow.
  6. CHS Student Government Association Report: Mark DiSingna. “Winterball” (formal dance hosted by Sophomore Class) took place in early January and all went well. NHS Blood Drive is scheduled for Feb 28th; goal is 80 donors.  4th annual Fashion Show scheduled for Feb 24th with nearly 100 students participating. Junior Speakers of America (JSA) Club will attend a weekend convention in Washington DC.  Valentine Grams and annual compatibility results will be available for sale to students in February.
  7. Committee Reports:
    • Fundraising: Sharon Jemas. Dinner and Gift Raffle (DGR) planning is well under way.  Sub-Committees established for Gift Wrapping, Online Soliciting, Pre-Ticket Bundling, Wine Wall; volunteers needed for all of these (sign-up sheets at meeting).  Paper invitations mailed Jan 13th; reservations and raffle tickets can be purchased online via PSFA web site.  Bonus raffle tickets to those who reserve by Feb 24th.  In addition to Sub-Committees, members can support DGR by donating empty baskets, unopened unwanted gifts, cash donations, etc. at school office.  Hope Raymond suggested parents might combine their cash donations to purchase a “bigger ticket” gift.  Lang Holtz said the DGR Committee needs 5 more big ticket donations.  Wine Wall donations are also welcome ($25+ retail value; or $50 to $100 for “grand prize” bottles).  Parents who own a business might consider advertising in DGR Ad Journal (due Feb 17th).  Solicitation help is needed to procure donations from local businesses for gift raffles; some towns have been assigned to solicitors and interested members can coordinate with DGR Committee to cover additional towns.  A “night of event” sign up sheet is available at this (and future) PSFA meetings, seeking volunteers to help during the DGR event.  Jody Sackett announced schedule for Gift Wrapping (Feb 25th, Mar 5th, 11th, and 18th) at Hope Raymond’s home.  Parent / Student Mini-golf Tournament at Monmouth Park scheduled for May 12th.  Jody also reminded that CHS Swag can be ordered via PSFA websit, and Tammy Perconti will be selling swag at our March meeting.
    • Enrichment/Education: Ann Sasso – two Drivers Ed classes have been completed, with 23 students enrolled; chaperones are in place.  Dania Bruneau – Catalyst Prep SAT prep bootcamp class is scheduled for March 4th and 5th.
    • Hospitality: Dania Bruneau – Bagel Breakfast provided to students during last week’s final exams. Jody Sackett pointed out that this is featured in an article in the current online Inkblot student newspaper.
    • Public Relations: Hope Raymond – Reminder that members can follow PSFA on Facebook; several items have been posted in recent weeks, and will continue to provide an additional way to keep in touch.
    • Alumni: Carol Pardee – 2nd quarterly Alumni Newsletter has been distributed to approx. 800 alumni email addresses and their families; and is also accessible on the PSFA website. Latest issue features profiles on several CHS alums.
    • Color Wars: Dave Wren – this year’s event is scheduled for June 2nd; teams of students compete, and PSFA provides a BBQ lunch for students, faculty, and parents who attend. Parents are encouraged to volunteer and/or make donations (food, drinks, cash, etc.).  Info emails will begin in April.  Principal Gleason noted that Sandy Belloni of Wall School District’s Food Services has again offered her resources, if needed.
  1. Principal Gleason: Entrance Exam was administered to about 280 CHS applicants currently in 8th grade. CHS Final Exams have been completed and the 3rd marking period has begun.  Grades for 2nd marking period to be completed and report cards mailed sometime next week.  Design Academy Open House for current high school Sophomores scheduled for Feb 28th and Mar 8th.
  2. New Business: Drama Club Grant Request – Students Annie Ruoff (Director) and Becca Cleffi (Producer) requested a Club Grant of $1,000 for Drama Club to help fund a digital orchestration track for this Spring’s production.  The Club is planning a musical, and since CHS does not have a band, the Club intends to purchase a digital track to provide musical for the performances.  Annie mentioned that the Club raised about $650 from ticket sales to last Fall’s production, and has about $4,000 in it’s account.  Expenses for the Spring production (script rights fee, donation to Belmar Elementary School in return for access during rehearsals / performances, construction of sets, etc.) are expected to exceed $3,000.  Becca indicated the Club will give two performances (May 5th and 6th), and they solicited bids from several providers.  Michelle Rosenberg motioned to approve the grant, and Hope Raymond seconded; unanimous approval. PSFA will disburse the $1,000 grant to CHS Student Activities Fund.
  3. Adjourn Formal Meeting: Jane Sennett motioned to adjourn meeting, Rafah Salloum seconded. Meeting adjourned at 8:50 p.m.


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