Meeting Minutes – January 5, 2017

January 5, 2017 – PSFA Meeting Minutes

  1. Call to Order/Pledge of Allegiance, and Welcome. Meeting called to order at 7:35. PSFA Officers in attendance: Jody Sackett, (2018), Sharon Jemas (2019), Janice Quattrocchi (2017), Lucie Dickenson (2019) Anthony Quattrocchi (2017)and Therese Heidelberger (2019). 25 members/students in attendance
  2. Co-President Report. Janice Quattrocchi and Jody Sackett: Jody spoke about the success of Mingle & Jingle. CHS swag order form is now online. Also, Book Club is starting, first meeting is at Jody’s home, Jan 30th at 7:15pm. “A Doll’s House” is the book that will discussed. Also discussed was at the Feb meeting we will have “College Talk” discussion to help inform other parents about college and the process. We will continue with these open discussions, and in the March meeting we will discuss the CHS Electives & AP classes choices. Both discussions will be held right before the scheduled PSFA meetings.
  3. Approval of December 2016 Minutes: Lucie Dickenson. Motion to approve Minutes: Hope Raymond approved and Trish seconded. Minutes approved.
  4. Treasurer’s Report: Therese Heidelberger. Annual Donation Campaign is well ahead of budget. Ann Sasso motioned to approve budget and Lang Holtz seconded. Budget approved.
  5. Corresponding Secretary’s Report: Anthony Quattrocchi. Note of thanks from Mrs. Maher thanking PSFA for the Career Day gifts. Card and donation were sent to Kathy Gilbert (former PSFA Co-President) on the passing of her mother.
  6. CHS Student Government Association Report: SGA President: 12/9 Coffee House was a great event. 12/2/16 CCC Headstart event was an incredible event for the kids and students. 12/15 NHS went to Met Museum. 12/23 was Alumni Day, great to see former CHS students and hear about college. 1/6 is the Winter Ball. Working on SGA wordpress website.
  7. Committee Reports:
    • Fundraising: Sharon Jemas.: DGR is set for March 25.Can purchase tickets online. Committee chairs have been finalized. Mailed invites to be sent out soon. Mini-golf tournament fundraiser is on 5/12/17. Tammy spoke about getting donations for DGR, she will be staying after meeting to discuss with anyone who wished to volunteer. Tammy also spoke about swag sale; it raised $900 at the Mingle & Jingle.
    • Hospitality: Dania Bruneau, Lang Holtz and Sorca Gill. 1/26 and 1/27 Bagel breakfast at finals.
    • Membership/Directory: Jessica Evans & Tina Cavazzoni. No report.
    • Enrichment/Education: The next SAT class will be offered in March. Ann Sasso spoke about Driver’s Ed, will run 1/25/16 – 3/29/16. 15 students to-date. Still looking for a few chaperones. Class is full.
    • Alumni: Vivien Chang and Carol Pardee. Jody Sackett gave their report. Alumni committee is working on 2nd newsletter, requested articles.
    • Public Relations: Hope Raymond is new chair for PR committee.
  8. Principal Gleason: Presented PSAT Analysis slideshow. Winter Ball 1/6. Parcc exams now (math this week and English next week). January 26th and 27th are finals exams.
  9. Unfinished Business: No unfinished business.
  10. New Business: No new business.
  11. Adjourn Formal Meeting: Sorca Gill motioned to adjourn meeting, Claudine seconded. Meeting adjourned at 8:26.


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